Scenography refers to the theatrical further development of architecture and space design for the great stage of the world. Today, it’s increasingly the venue for three-dimensional brand staging and is therefore a crucial factor for company success among global competition.

With the skilful use of the scenography methods and techniques, you are not just simply designing a room but an entire brand experience. Without KECK, a room only has three dimensions: its height, width and length. With KECK, a difference-making dimension is added – the atmosphere.

KECK focuses great attention on all aspects: space shape, materials, furnishings, media technology, lighting and colour. Dramatic, clever interaction speaks to all of your visitors’ senses, helping them to experience your message – often without realising it – instead of simply seeing it. The demanding task of creating brand worlds requires comprehensive expertise, so KECK has a team that collaborates in combining communication, design and architecture in order to realise these as both temporary and permanent exhibits and events.

The varied content, which is to be shared and presented, is exciting: innovation, product, expertise, message. Tranquillity and communication zones are also created. These focus on the well-being of people in the brand world. Sometimes it’s also a game played between contrasts, which guide visitors through an exhibition.

We always integrate lighting, sound and film concepts in a targeted manner: The space concept is successful if it tells a multi-dimensional, interactive story – a story that suits your brand strategy and your goals.